Direct Nissan Body Panel Rust & Undercoat Protection

Today’s unibody cars, trucks and vans have many critical areas where trapped moisture, condensation and salt can cause rust. Boxed-in sections and seams require special protection. Our body panel rust & undercoat protection creates a barrier to prevent moisture from attacking even the most recessed, vulnerable metal body panels. Underbody protection is specially formulated for those expose high impact areas and protects the undercarriage without cracking or peeling. Additional benefits include:

  • Provides a sound barrier for a quieter ride by dampening vibrations
  • Seals out moisture and protects the bottom of your vehicle from road salt, stones, gravel and dirt
  • Penetrates seams and crevices where rust normally begins

For all of your vehicles protection requirements please call our Financial Services Manager for special pricing or further product details. 905 812-8882